Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Past, the Present and hopefully a bright Future

2004. Immediately after passing the Med Tech boards, I forcibly asked my parents allowing me to take and continue Medicine. 2004 was the year I enrolled at the College of Medicine of MCU-FDTMF in Caloocan City. At first, the adjustments were pretty much easier since most of the subjects are particularly related to my Major. Then came the second year which made my status as a neophyte medical student more vulnerable but I got through everything. Imagine taking subjects like Surgery and Neurology which made my life more chaotic. Everyday is like a killing field. I accepted every Semester as a challenge but then again I was staying cool and happy most of the time. Lacking most of the necessary materials and books in Medicine was hard but with the right focus I aced every Quizzes and Long Exams. The MRT served as my study room for I have to travel everyday from Makati to Caloocan. To be honest, the redundancy of Medicine made me sacrifice all the GIMIKS in Makati or Malate which I believe most people my age were doing. Saturday became the day of long hours of reading in STARBUCKS or even a group night study in my best friend’s place (envious with the people hanging out at Timog or West Ave. Area and all I have is a Biochemistry book). The toxicity of our schedule incidentally made me closer to my so-called best friends in life: Maj, Jeanine and Liz. I guess that was the highlight of my stay in Medicine and the one I’d treasure the most. As years passed, I became more scared and anxious as Medical clerkship was about to start. Our first hand experience inside the hospital, I guess opening the thorax of a patient and do cardiac pumping is the most memorable one.  Your exposure to different types of patients, nurses, nursing attendants, doctors and consultants was a big lesson. Imagine a tertiary hospital being run by 17 junior interns.  With the right attitude and teamwork we were able to get things done then eventually graduated.

Medicine Batch 2008: w/ Pat, Borj, Mike, Cez, Elly, Jhie, Tonang, Elvin and Leslie

Last duty: Clerkship days !!!

2008. After graduation, I applied for a 1-year internship at AFGH (Villamor Airbase). Again, this part of my medical adventure is different. The time when you get to wear blazers with an MD embedded with your name. Partly, you get to experience on what residency is like. You get to diagnose and treat patients based on the knowledge you gained from the 4-year medical course. This is the time when you update consultants regarding the statuses of their patients. Being a part of a military hospital was exciting, you get to be involved with military volunteer services which made me see patients all the way from TARLAC to CAGAYAN VALLEY. That year, Cory Aquino died and Typhoon Ondoy surprisingly hit the country. During my internship, my focus was again to pass the medical boards and take the US boards eventually. If God doesn’t permit, I opted to think of training in Dermatology (my reason for getting into Medicine).  Shall I stay here in the country or proceed with a life abroad? Again it was the time that my goals were very vague and clearly blank. Finishing my post graduate internship, I immediately studied for the licensure exam. Together with my schoolmates, we rented a small room at an attic in Fairview Quezon City, eating most of the time in restaurants nearby. The period that I unexpectedly met someone that changed my goals and priorities (Thank God for this wonderful blessing). 3 months of studying with side schedules of watching movies in GB3 (2012 ... Eclipse) and drinking booze (Harbor View ... Bubba) as if catching up with the losses I had in medical school was surprisingly fun. February 14, 2010 was the exam date. Fortunately, my visits at St. Jude and some studying were worth it (my inside joke). I passed the February Physician Licensure exam with a good grade.

AFGH: Assisting in an Orthopedic case

Last month of Post graduate Internship !!!

Oath taking: with Aika, Alex, Aldrin and Karen. ^8^

2010. Then the thought of residency came up, reading every announcement in PinoyMD regarding any training or openings was a big disappointment. Trainings in most hospitals usually start on January the following year and application starts on September. A pretty good time for me to think about what specialty I am passionate about. With so much contemplation and cancellation I suddenly thought of training in Anesthesiology (forgetting about my first choice). If you’ll ask me I really don’t have any idea. I realized that the application was gruelling. Imagine 3 applications in 3 major hospitals and I only got 2 replies. The competition here in the country regarding specialties is very hard. Again starting back to level 1 with lectures and duties, I get to experience everything again in pre-residency. Luckily a good Medical Center accepted me in their training and hopefully this wonderful journey is the start of everything.

Like the tallest mountain ...

The 360 degree panoramic view is worth it ... and I hope it should

Now my new journey begins ...

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